Using statistical models to predict future sales

Free Online Tool : Nonlinear Multiple Regression Analysis

Use Multiple Regression to develop models that forecast future sales

Compare predicted sales and actual sales easily using graphs or tables

Build a Statistical Model using Multiple Regression
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Weather, Sales Trend demand forecasting
The nonlinear multiple regression analysis tool generates possible models of customer behavior by analyzing patterns in daily sales figures associated with local weather conditions, seasons and holidays, the day of the week, and general (time-related) sales trend.

Step 1. Select a sales data set from the following list:

Note: When you log in or register, you can create, manage, and store your own datasets online. Once stored, you can analyze your datasets using our free online tools (including the multiple regression analysis tool). As a guest, you can experiment with sample datasets, but any changes you make to the data will not be applied.
To proceed, select a dataset from the list above, or select a different online tool using the list below:
= Regression Analysis = Sales Trend Analysis with Summary Stats
= Bar Graph of Data = Manage or Edit Datasets
= Explore data/weather relationships and build your own model

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